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resibo [ri.sí.bu.] : receipt (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: recibo: receipt ]

Derivatives of resibo

n. (act)1. receipt, receptionthe act of receiving.
~ acquiring, gettingthe act of acquiring something.; "I envied his talent for acquiring"; "he's much more interested in the getting than in the giving"
n. (communication)2. receiptan acknowledgment (usually tangible) that payment has been made.
~ ticket stub, stuba torn part of a ticket returned to the holder as a receipt.
~ bill of lading, waybilla receipt given by the carrier to the shipper acknowledging receipt of the goods being shipped and specifying the terms of delivery.
~ acknowledgement, acknowledgmenta statement acknowledging something or someone.; "she must have seen him but she gave no sign of acknowledgment"; "the preface contained an acknowledgment of those who had helped her"
~ pawn ticketa pawnbroker's receipt for articles taken as security.
v. (communication)3. acknowledge, receiptreport the receipt of.; "The program committee acknowledged the submission of the authors of the paper"
~ communicate, pass along, put across, pass on, passtransmit information.; "Please communicate this message to all employees"; "pass along the good news"
v. (cognition)4. receiptmark or stamp as paid.
~ check off, tick off, mark off, tick, check, markput a check mark on or near or next to.; "Please check each name on the list"; "tick off the items"; "mark off the units"