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reklutar : recruit (v.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: reclutar: recruit ]

Derivatives of reklutar

n. (person)1. military recruit, recruita recently enlisted soldier.
~ black and tanan English recruit (who wore a uniform that was black and tan) serving in the Irish constabulary to suppress the Sinn Fein rebellion of 1919 to 1921.
~ enlisted mana male enlisted person in the armed forces.
~ raw recruitan inexperienced and untrained recruit.
~ sproga new military recruit.
~ yard bird, yardbirda military recruit who is assigned menial tasks.
n. (person)2. enlistee, recruitany new member or supporter (as in the armed forces).
~ fledgeling, fledgling, newbie, newcomer, entrant, freshman, neophyte, starterany new participant in some activity.
v. (social)3. enrol, enroll, enter, inscribe, recruitregister formally as a participant or member.; "The party recruited many new members"
~ muster in, draft, enlistengage somebody to enter the army.
~ unionise, unionizerecruit for a union or organize into a union.; "We don't allow people to come into our plant and try to unionize the workers"
~ registerenroll to vote.; "register for an election"
~ matriculateenroll as a student.
~ registerrecord in writing; enter into a book of names or events or transactions.
v. (possession)4. recruitseek to employ.; "The lab director recruited an able crew of assistants"
~ enlist, engagehire for work or assistance.; "engage aid, help, services, or support"
v. (competition)5. levy, raise, recruitcause to assemble or enlist in the military.; "raise an army"; "recruit new soldiers"
~ muster in, draft, enlistengage somebody to enter the army.