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pundiyo [pun.dí.yu.] : crotch (n.) [karsones]
[ Etymology: Spanish: fundillos: underpants ]

Derivatives of pundiyo

n. (shape)1. crotch, forkthe region of the angle formed by the junction of two branches.; "they took the south fork"; "he climbed into the crotch of a tree"
~ ramification, branch, lega part of a forked or branching shape.; "he broke off one of the branches"
n. (body)2. crotch, forkthe angle formed by the inner sides of the legs where they join the human trunk.
~ body, organic structure, physical structurethe entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being).; "he felt as if his whole body were on fire"
~ anglethe space between two lines or planes that intersect; the inclination of one line to another; measured in degrees or radians.
n. (body)3. crotch, genital organ, genitalia, genitals, private parts, privatesexternal sex organ.
~ reproductive organ, sex organany organ involved in sexual reproduction.
~ pudendumhuman external genital organs collectively especially of a female.
~ female genital organ, female genitalia, female genitals, fannyexternal female sex organs.; "in England `fanny' is vulgar slang for female genitals"
~ family jewels, male genital organ, male genitalia, male genitalsexternal male sex organs.