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proteher [pru.ti.hir.] : protect (v.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: proteger: protect ]

Derivatives of proteher

v. (competition)1. protectshield from danger, injury, destruction, or damage.; "Weatherbeater protects your roof from the rain"
~ cover forprovide an excuse or alibi for someone so as to cover up guilt.; "I won't lie and cover for you"
~ defendbe on the defensive; act against an attack.
~ immunise, immunizelaw: grant immunity from prosecution.
~ overprotectprotect excessively.; "Don't overprotect your son--he is an adult now!"
~ look outto protect someone's interests.; "A man's gotta look out for his family"
~ coverhold within range of an aimed firearm.
~ ward, guardwatch over or shield from danger or harm; protect.; "guard my possessions while I'm away"
~ defend, guard, holdprotect against a challenge or attack.; "Hold that position behind the trees!"; "Hold the bridge against the enemy's attacks"
~ shield, screenprotect, hide, or conceal from danger or harm.
~ charmprotect through supernatural powers or charms.
~ palisade, wall, fence in, fence, surroundsurround with a wall in order to fortify.
~ safeguardmake safe.
~ coverprotect or defend (a position in a game).; "he covered left field"
~ coverbe responsible for guarding an opponent in a game.
~ mothproofprotect from moths.; "mothproof woollen clothes during the summer"
~ body guardaccompany and protect from physical harm.
~ insuretake out insurance for.
~ coverto take an action to protect against future problems.; "Count the cash in the drawer twice just to cover yourself"
~ preserve, keepmaintain in safety from injury, harm, or danger.; "May God keep you"
v. (competition)2. protectuse tariffs to favor domestic industry.
~ tradethe commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services.; "Venice was an important center of trade with the East"; "they are accused of conspiring to constrain trade"
~ assistact as an assistant in a subordinate or supportive function.