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preparado [pri.pa.rá.du.] : prepared (adj.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: preparado: prepared ]

Derivatives of preparado

adj. 1. preparedmade ready or fit or suitable beforehand.; "a prepared statement"; "be prepared for emergencies"
~ bracedpositioned so as to be ready for confrontation or danger.; "he stood to attention with his shoulders braced"
~ embattledprepared for battle.; "an embattled city"
~ fitted out, equippedprepared with proper equipment.; "equipped for service in the Arctic"
~ oven-readyprepared before sale and ready to be cooked.
~ preconditionedhaving already been put into a suitable condition.; "a surface preconditioned to receive paint"; "customers preconditioned to buy a product"
~ precookedcooked partially or completely beforehand.; "frozen precooked meals from the supermarket"
~ processedsubjected to a special process or treatment.; "prepared ergot"; "processed cheeses are easy to spread"
~ readymade suitable and available for immediate use.; "dinner is ready"
~ spreadprepared or arranged for a meal; especially having food set out.; "a table spread with food"
~ up(usually followed by `on' or `for') in readiness.; "he was up on his homework"; "had to be up for the game"
~ readycompletely prepared or in condition for immediate action or use or progress.; "get ready"; "she is ready to resign"; "the bridge is ready to collapse"; "I am ready to work"; "ready for action"; "ready for use"; "the soup will be ready in a minute"; "ready to learn to read"
adj. 2. disposed, fain, inclined, preparedhaving made preparations.; "prepared to take risks"
~ willingdisposed or inclined toward.; "a willing participant"; "willing helpers"
adj. 3. preparedequipped or prepared with necessary intellectual resources.; "graduates well equipped to handle such problems"; "equipped to be a scholar"
~ equipped, equiptprovided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate.; "a well equipped playground"; "a ship equipped with every mechanical aid to navigation"