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periko : parrot (n.) [langgam]
[ Etymology: Spanish: perico: parakeet ]

Derivatives of periko

n. (animal)1. parrotusually brightly colored zygodactyl tropical birds with short hooked beaks and the ability to mimic sounds.
~ birdwarm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings.
~ order psittaciformes, psittaciformesan order of birds including parrots and amazons and cockatoos and lorikeets and lories and macaws and parakeets.
~ popinjayan archaic term for a parrot.
~ poll parrot, polla tame parrot.
~ african gray, african grey, psittacus erithacuscommonly domesticated grey parrot with red-and-black tail and white face; native to equatorial Africa.
~ amazonmainly green tropical American parrots.
~ macawlong-tailed brilliantly colored parrot of Central America and South America; among the largest and showiest of parrots.
~ kea, nestor notabilislarge brownish-green New Zealand parrot.
~ cockatoowhite or light-colored crested parrot of the Australian region; often kept as cage birds.
~ cockateel, cockatiel, cockatoo parrot, nymphicus hollandicussmall grey Australian parrot with a yellow crested head.
~ lovebirdsmall African parrot noted for showing affection for their mates.
~ lorysmall brightly colored Australasian parrots having a brush-tipped tongue for feeding on nectar and soft fruits.
~ parakeet, paraquet, paroquet, parrakeet, parroket, parroquetany of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots.
n. (person)2. parrota copycat who does not understand the words or acts being imitated.
~ aper, copycat, emulator, ape, imitatorsomeone who copies the words or behavior of another.
v. (communication)3. parrotrepeat mindlessly.; "The students parroted the teacher's words"
~ echo, repeatto say again or imitate.; "followers echoing the cries of their leaders"