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pasmado : spasmodic (adj.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: espasmo: spasm ]

Derivatives of pasmado

adj. 1. convulsive, spasmodic, spasticaffected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions; resembling a spasm.; "convulsive motions"; "his body made a spasmodic jerk"; "spastic movements"
~ unsteadysubject to change or variation.; "her unsteady walk"; "his hand was unsteady as he poured the wine"; "an unsteady voice"
adj. 2. fitful, spasmodicoccurring in spells and often abruptly.; "fitful bursts of energy"; "spasmodic rifle fire"
~ sporadicrecurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances.; "a city subjected to sporadic bombing raids"