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pasiyensiya : patience (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: paciencia: patience ]
Synonyms: pailob

Derivatives of pasiyensiya

n. (attribute)1. forbearance, longanimity, patiencegood-natured tolerance of delay or incompetence.
~ good naturea cheerful, obliging disposition.
n. (act)2. patience, solitairea card game played by one person.
~ card game, cardsa game played with playing cards.
~ canfielda form of solitaire that involves gambling.
~ klondikea form of solitaire that begins with seven piles of cards with the top cards facing up; descending sequences of cards of alternating colors are built on these piles; as aces become available they are placed above the seven piles; the object is to build sequences in suit from ace to king as the remaining cards are dealt out one at a time.
~ crapette, russian banksolitaire with two players using separate packs.