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parke [par.ki.] : park (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: parque: park ]

Derivatives of parke

n. (location)1. park, parklanda large area of land preserved in its natural state as public property.; "there are laws that protect the wildlife in this park"
~ national parka tract of land declared by the national government to be public property.
~ safari parkan area of parkland where wild animals are kept and can be viewed by visitors driving through.
~ parcel of land, piece of ground, piece of land, tract, parcelan extended area of land.
n. (location)2. common, commons, green, parka piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area.; "they went for a walk in the park"
~ amusement park, funfair, pleasure grounda commercially operated park with stalls and shows for amusement.
~ parcel of land, piece of ground, piece of land, tract, parcelan extended area of land.
~ populated area, urban areaa geographical area constituting a city or town.
~ village greena village park consisting of a plot of grassy land.
~ central parka large park in Manhattan.
n. (artifact)3. ballpark, parka facility in which ball games are played (especially baseball games).; "take me out to the ballpark"
~ baseball, baseball gamea ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs.; "he played baseball in high school"; "there was a baseball game on every empty lot"; "there was a desire for National League ball in the area"; "play ball!"
~ ball field, baseball field, diamondthe baseball playing field.
~ bullpena place on a baseball field where relief pitchers can warm up during a game.
~ dugouteither of two low shelters on either side of a baseball diamond where the players and coaches sit during the game.
~ sports stadium, stadium, arena, bowla large structure for open-air sports or entertainments.
~ standtiered seats consisting of a structure (often made of wood) where people can sit to watch an event (game or parade).
n. (person)4. mungo park, parkScottish explorer in Africa (1771-1806).
~ explorer, adventurersomeone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose).
n. (location)5. car park, park, parking area, parking lota lot where cars are parked.
~ lota parcel of land having fixed boundaries.; "he bought a lot on the lake"
~ used-car lota parking lot where a dealer in used-cars displays cars for sale.
n. (artifact)6. parka gear position that acts as a parking brake.; "the put the car in park and got out"
~ gear mechanism, geara mechanism for transmitting motion for some specific purpose (as the steering gear of a vehicle).
v. (contact)7. parkplace temporarily.; "park the car in the yard"; "park the children with the in-laws"; "park your bag in this locker"
~ lay, place, put, set, position, poseput into a certain place or abstract location.; "Put your things here"; "Set the tray down"; "Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children"; "Place emphasis on a certain point"
v. (motion)8. parkmaneuver a vehicle into a parking space.; "Park the car in front of the library"; "Can you park right here?"
~ drivingthe act of controlling and steering the movement of a vehicle or animal.
~ channelise, channelize, guide, maneuver, steer, manoeuver, manoeuvre, point, head, directdirect the course; determine the direction of travelling.
~ angle-parkpark at an angle.
~ parallel-parkpark directly behind another vehicle.
~ double-parkpark a vehicle alongside another.