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mitra : miter (n.); mitre (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: mitra: miter ]
Synonyms: mayter

Derivatives of mitra

n. (artifact)1. miter, miter joint, mitre, mitre jointjoint that forms a corner; usually both sides are bevelled at a 45-degree angle to form a 90-degree corner.
~ jointjunction by which parts or objects are joined together.
n. (artifact)2. miter, mitrethe surface of a beveled end of a piece where a miter joint is made.; "he covered the miter with glue before making the joint"
~ surfacethe outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary.; "there is a special cleaner for these surfaces"; "the cloth had a pattern of red dots on a white surface"
n. (artifact)3. miter, mitrea liturgical headdress worn by bishops on formal occasions.
~ headdress, headgearclothing for the head.
v. (contact)4. miterbevel the edges of, to make a miter joint.
~ bevel, chamfercut a bevel on; shape to a bevel.; "bevel the surface"
v. (possession)5. miterconfer a miter on (a bishop).
~ bestow, conferpresent.; "The university conferred a degree on its most famous former student, who never graduated"; "bestow an honor on someone"
v. (contact)6. miterfit together in a miter joint.
~ bring together, joincause to become joined or linked.; "join these two parts so that they fit together"