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mehoras [mi.hú.ras.] : improvements (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: mejoras: improvements ]
Synonyms: kauswagan

Derivatives of mehoras

n. (event)1. advance, betterment, improvementa change for the better; progress in development.
~ resurgence, revitalisation, revitalization, revival, revivificationbringing again into activity and prominence.; "the revival of trade"; "a revival of a neglected play by Moliere"; "the Gothic revival in architecture"
~ elaboration, refinementthe result of improving something.; "he described a refinement of this technique"
~ transformation, shift, transmutationa qualitative change.
~ accommodation, adjustment, fittingmaking or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances.
~ conservation, preservationan occurrence of improvement by virtue of preventing loss or injury or other change.
~ recoveryreturn to an original state.; "the recovery of the forest after the fire was surprisingly rapid"
n. (act)2. improvementthe act of improving something.; "their improvements increased the value of the property"
~ change of statethe act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics.
~ tenderisation, tenderizationthe act of making meat tender by pounding or marinating it.
~ developmentact of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining.; "he congratulated them on their development of a plan to meet the emergency"; "they funded research and development"
~ cleaning, cleansing, cleanupthe act of making something clean.; "he gave his shoes a good cleaning"
~ correction, rectificationthe act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right.
~ optimisation, optimizationthe act of rendering optimal.; "the simultaneous optimization of growth and profitability"; "in an optimization problem we seek values of the variables that lead to an optimal value of the function that is to be optimized"; "to promote the optimization and diversification of agricultural products"
~ perfectionthe act of making something perfect.
~ reforma change for the better as a result of correcting abuses.; "justice was for sale before the reform of the law courts"
~ amelioration, melioration, bettermentthe act of relieving ills and changing for the better.
~ self-improvement, self-reformationthe act of improving yourself.
~ clarification, clearingthe act of removing solid particles from a liquid.
~ enrichmentact of making fuller or more meaningful or rewarding.
~ humanisation, humanizationthe act of making more human.
~ modernisation, modernizationmaking modern in appearance or behavior.; "the modernization of Nigeria will be a long process"
~ redevelopment, renovation, overhaulthe act of improving by renewing and restoring.; "they are pursuing a general program of renovation to the entire property"; "a major overhal of the healthcare system was proposed"
~ enhancement, sweeteningan improvement that makes something more agreeable.
~ upturnan upward movement or trend as in business activity.
~ ventilation, airingthe act of supplying fresh air and getting rid of foul air.
~ fixing, repair, mend, mending, fix, reparation, fixturethe act of putting something in working order again.
~ stabilisation, stabilizationthe act of making something (as a vessel or aircraft) less likely to overturn.
~ upgradethe act of improving something (especially machinery) by raising it to a higher grade (as by adding or replacing components).; "the power plant received a new upgrade"
n. (state)3. improvement, meliorationa condition superior to an earlier condition.; "the new school represents a great improvement"
~ condition, statusa state at a particular time.; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
~ bettermentan improvement that adds to the value of a property or facility.
~ developmenta state in which things are improving; the result of developing (as in the early part of a game of chess).; "after he saw the latest development he changed his mind and became a supporter"; "in chess your should take care of your development before moving your queen"
~ reformationimprovement (or an intended improvement) in the existing form or condition of institutions or practices etc.; intended to make a striking change for the better in social or political or religious affairs.
~ refurbishment, renovation, restorationthe state of being restored to its former good condition.; "the inn was a renovation of a Colonial house"