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mariposa [ma.ri.pú.sa.] : Atticus atlas (n.) [kabakaba]; Phalaenopsis amabilis (n.) [orkids]
[ Etymology: Spanish: mariposa: butterfly ]
Synonyms: kabakaba

Derivatives of mariposa

Atticus atlas
n. (animal)1. atlas moth, atticus atlasgiant saturniid moth widespread in Asia; sometimes cultured for silk.
~ giant silkworm moth, silkworm mothany silkworm moth of the family Saturniidae.
~ atticus, genus atticusatlas moth.
Phalaenopsis amabilis
n. (plant)1. butterfly plant, phalaenopsis amabilisorchid having large elliptic to obovate fleshy leaves and fragrant pink-and-white flowers dotted with red.
~ genus phalaenopsis, phalaenopsisgenus of ornamental epiphytic orchids of Asia and Australia.
~ moth orchid, moth plantany of various orchids of the genus Phalaenopsis having often drooping glossy broad obovate or oval leaves usually dark green flushed purple or mottled grey and silver.