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londres [lun.dris.] : london (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: londres: london ]
Synonyms: london

Derivatives of londres

n. (location)1. british capital, capital of the united kingdom, greater london, londonthe capital and largest city of England; located on the Thames in southeastern England; financial and industrial and cultural center.
~ big benclock in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, London.
~ newgatea former prison in London notorious for its unsanitary conditions and burnt down in riots in 1780; a new prison was built on the same spot but was torn down in 1902.
~ tower of londona fortress in London on the Thames; used as a palace and a state prison and now as a museum containing the crown jewels.
~ old baileythe central criminal court in London.
~ fleet streeta street in central London where newspaper offices are situated.
~ harley streeta street in central London where the consulting rooms of many physicians and surgeons are located.
~ lombard streeta street in central London containing many of the major London banks.
~ whitehalla wide street in London stretching from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament; site of many government offices.
~ trafalgar squarea square in central London where there is a memorial to Admiral Nelson.
~ national capitalthe capital city of a nation.
~ englanda division of the United Kingdom.
~ city of london, the citythe part of London situated within the ancient boundaries; the commercial and financial center of London.
~ greenwicha borough of Greater London on the Thames; zero degrees of longitude runs through Greenwich; time is measured relative to Greenwich Mean Time.
~ bloomsburya city district of central London laid out in garden squares.
~ sohoa city district of central London now noted for restaurants and nightclubs.
~ wembleya southeastern part of Greater London that is the site of the English national soccer stadium.
~ west endthe part of west central London containing the main entertainment and shopping areas.
~ city of westminster, westminstera borough of Greater London on the Thames; contains Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.
~ pall malla fashionable street in London noted for its many private clubs.
~ wimbledona suburb of London and the headquarters of the club where annual international tennis championships are played on grass courts.
~ londonera native or resident of London.
n. (person)2. jack london, john griffith chaney, londonUnited States writer of novels based on experiences in the Klondike gold rush (1876-1916).
~ author, writerwrites (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay).