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lingguwista [ling.gu.wis.ta.] : linguist (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: linguista: linguist ]

Derivatives of lingguwista

n. (person)1. linguist, linguistic scientista specialist in linguistics.
~ computational linguistsomeone trained in computer science and linguistics who uses computers for natural language processing.
~ grammarian, syntacticiana linguist who specializes in the study of grammar and syntax.
~ hebraistlinguist specializing in the Hebrew language.
~ lexicographer, lexicologista compiler or writer of a dictionary; a student of the lexical component of language.
~ neurolinguistsomeone trained in neuroscience and linguistics who studies brain processes during language production and reception.
~ phoneticiana specialist in phonetics.
~ phonologista specialist in phonology.
~ psycholinguista person (usually a psychologist but sometimes a linguist) who studies the psychological basis of human language.
~ scientista person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences.
~ semanticist, semioticiana specialist in the study of meaning.
~ sociolinguista linguist who studies the social and cultural factors that influence linguistic communication.
~ bloomfield, leonard bloomfieldUnited States linguist who adopted a behavioristic approach to linguistics (1887-1949).
~ a. noam chomsky, chomsky, noam chomskyUnited States linguist whose theory of generative grammar redefined the field of linguistics (born 1928).
~ de saussure, ferdinand de saussure, saussureSwiss linguist and expert in historical linguistics whose lectures laid the foundations for synchronic linguistics (1857-1913).
~ firth, j. r. firth, john rupert firthEnglish linguist who contributed to linguistic semantics and to prosodic phonology and who was noted for his insistence on studying both sound and meaning in context (1890-1960).
~ jakob grimm, jakob ludwig karl grimm, grimmthe older of the two Grimm brothers remembered best for their fairy stories; also author of Grimm's law describing consonant changes in Germanic languages (1785-1863).
~ jakobson, roman jakobson, roman osipovich jakobsonUnited States linguist (born in Russia) noted for his description of the universals of phonology (1896-1982).
~ jens otto harry jespersen, jespersen, otto jespersenDanish linguist (1860-1943).
~ edward sapir, sapiranthropologist and linguist; studied languages of North American Indians (1884-1939).
n. (person)2. linguist, polyglota person who speaks more than one language.
~ individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soula human being.; "there was too much for one person to do"
~ bilingual, bilingualista person who speaks two languages fluently.
~ transcriber, translatora person who translates written messages from one language to another.
~ greenberg, joseph greenbergUnited States linguist who studied the historical relations among 5,000 languages (1916-2001).
~ zellig harris, zellig sabbatai harris, harrisUnited States linguist (born in Ukraine) who developed mathematical linguistics and interpreted speech and writing in a social context (1909-1992).