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kombinar [kum.bi.nar.] : combine (v.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: combinar: combine ]

Derivatives of kombinar

n. (artifact)1. combineharvester that heads and threshes and cleans grain while moving across the field.
~ harvester, reaperfarm machine that gathers a food crop from the fields.
n. (group)2. cartel, combine, corporate trust, trusta consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service.; "they set up the trust in the hope of gaining a monopoly"
~ consortium, syndicate, poolan association of companies for some definite purpose.
~ drug cartelan illicit cartel formed to control the production and distribution of narcotic drugs.; "drug cartels sometimes finance terrorist organizations"
~ oil cartela cartel of companies or nations formed to control the production and distribution of oil.
n. (event)3. combine, combiningan occurrence that results in things being united.
~ unionthe occurrence of a uniting of separate parts.; "lightning produced an unusual union of the metals"
~ recombination(genetics) a combining of genes or characters different from what they were in the parents.
~ recombination(physics) a combining of charges or transfer of electrons in a gas that results in the neutralization of ions; important for ions arising from the passage of high-energy particles.
~ consolidationcombining into a solid mass.
~ mix, mixturean event that combines things in a mixture.; "a gradual mixture of cultures"
~ conglobation, conglomerationan occurrence combining miscellaneous things into a (more or less) rounded mass.
v. (stative)4. combine, unitehave or possess in combination.; "she unites charm with a good business sense"
~ feature, havehave as a feature.; "This restaurant features the most famous chefs in France"
v. (change)5. combine, compoundput or add together.; "combine resources"
~ addmake an addition (to); join or combine or unite with others; increase the quality, quantity, size or scope of.; "We added two students to that dorm room"; "She added a personal note to her letter"; "Add insult to injury"; "Add some extra plates to the dinner table"
~ totalise, totalizemake into a total.; "Can we totalize these different ideas into one philosophy?"
~ recombineto combine or put together again.
~ mixcombine (electronic signals).; "mixing sounds"
~ synthesise, synthesizecombine so as to form a more complex, product.; "his operas synthesize music and drama in perfect harmony"; "The liver synthesizes vitamins"
v. (contact)6. combine, compoundcombine so as to form a whole; mix.; "compound the ingredients"
~ incorporate, integratemake into a whole or make part of a whole.; "She incorporated his suggestions into her proposal"
~ heterodynecombine (a radio frequency wave) with a locally generated wave of a different frequency so as to produce a new frequency equal to the sum or the difference between the two.
~ sulfurette, sulphurettecombine with sulfur.
~ amalgamate, commix, mingle, unify, mixto bring or combine together or with something else.; "resourcefully he mingled music and dance"
~ carburetcombine with carbon.
v. (possession)7. combineadd together from different sources.; "combine resources"
~ chip in, contribute, kick in, givecontribute to some cause.; "I gave at the office"
v. (social)8. combinejoin for a common purpose or in a common action.; "These forces combined with others"
~ interactact together or towards others or with others.; "He should interact more with his colleagues"
~ summateform or constitute a cumulative effect.
v. (contact)9. aggregate, combinegather in a mass, sum, or whole.
~ unitise, unitizemake into a unit.; "unitize a car body"
~ amalgamate, commix, mingle, unify, mixto bring or combine together or with something else.; "resourcefully he mingled music and dance"
v. (change)10. blend, coalesce, combine, commingle, conflate, flux, fuse, immix, meld, merge, mixmix together different elements.; "The colors blend well"
~ change integritychange in physical make-up.
~ gaugemix in specific proportions.; "gauge plaster"
~ absorbcause to become one with.; "The sales tax is absorbed into the state income tax"
~ meld, meltlose its distinct outline or shape; blend gradually.; "Hundreds of actors were melting into the scene"
~ mix in, blend incause (something) to be mixed with (something else).; "At this stage of making the cake, blend in the nuts"
~ accretegrow together (of plants and organs).; "After many years the rose bushes grew together"
~ conjugateunite chemically so that the product is easily broken down into the original compounds.
~ admixmix or blend.; "Hyaline casts were admixed with neutrophils"
~ alloymake an alloy of.
~ syncretise, syncretizebecome fused.