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kombenyente [kum.bin.yin.ti.] : convenient (adj.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: conveniente: convenient ]

Derivatives of kombenyente

adj. 1. convenientsuited to your comfort or purpose or needs.; "a convenient excuse for not going"
~ accessiblecapable of being reached.; "a town accessible by rail"
~ handyeasy to use.; "a handy gadget"
~ favourable, favorableoccurring at a convenient or suitable time.; "an opportune time to receive guests"
~ expedientserving to promote your interest.; "was merciful only when mercy was expedient"
adj. 2. commodious, convenientlarge and roomy (`convenient' is archaic in this sense).; "a commodious harbor"; "a commodious building suitable for conventions"
~ archaicism, archaismthe use of an archaic expression.
~ roomy, spacious(of buildings and rooms) having ample space.; "a roomy but sparsely furnished apartment"; "a spacious ballroom"