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kolektibo : collective (adj.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: colectivo: collective ]

Derivatives of kolektibo

n. (group)1. collectivemembers of a cooperative enterprise.
~ enterprisean organization created for business ventures.; "a growing enterprise must have a bold leader"
~ collective farma farm operated collectively.
adj. 2. collective, corporatedone by or characteristic of individuals acting together.; "a joint identity"; "the collective mind"; "the corporate good"
~ jointunited or combined.; "a joint session of Congress"; "joint owners"
adj. 3. collectiveforming a whole or aggregate.
~ agglomerate, agglomerated, agglomerative, clusteredclustered together but not coherent.; "an agglomerated flower head"
~ aggregate, aggregated, aggregative, massformed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole.; "aggregate expenses include expenses of all divisions combined for the entire year"; "the aggregated amount of indebtedness"
~ collectivised, collectivizedcharacterized by the principle of ownership by the state or the people of the means of production.
~ knockdown(furniture) easily assembled and dismantled.; "I bought a knockdown chest at the do-it-yourself store"
~ integrativecombining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole.
~ jointunited or combined.; "a joint session of Congress"; "joint owners"
~ unitedcharacterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity.; "presented a united front"
adj. 4. collectiveset up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government.; "collective farms"
~ socialist, socialisticadvocating or following the socialist principles.; "socialistic government"