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Word - rootword - affixes
kinanindotan - nindot - kina-~-an~
ki.na.nin.du.tan. - 5 syllables

kina- = kinanindot
-an = kinanindotan

kinanindotan : nicest (adj.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: esencia: essence ]
nindot [nin.dut.] : dainty (adj.); nice (adj.)

Derivatives of nindot

n. (location)1. nicea city in southeastern France on the Mediterranean; the leading resort on the French Riviera.
~ city, metropolis, urban centera large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts.; "Ancient Troy was a great city"
~ france, french republica republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe.
adj. 2. nicepleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance.; "what a nice fellow you are and we all thought you so nasty"; "nice manners"; "a nice dress"; "a nice face"; "a nice day"; "had a nice time at the party"; "the corn and tomatoes are nice today"
~ goodagreeable or pleasing.; "we all had a good time"; "good manners"
~ pleasant(of persons) having pleasing manners or behavior.; "I didn't enjoy it and probably wasn't a pleasant person to be around"
~ pleasantaffording pleasure; being in harmony with your taste or likings.; "we had a pleasant evening together"; "a pleasant scene"; "pleasant sensations"
adj. 3. decent, nicesocially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous.; "from a decent family"; "a nice girl"
~ respectablecharacterized by socially or conventionally acceptable morals.; "a respectable woman"
adj. 4. nice, skillfuldone with delicacy and skill.; "a nice bit of craft"; "a job requiring nice measurements with a micrometer"; "a nice shot"
~ precisesharply exact or accurate or delimited.; "a precise mind"; "specified a precise amount"; "arrived at the precise moment"
adj. 5. dainty, nice, overnice, prissy, squeamishexcessively fastidious and easily disgusted.; "too nice about his food to take to camp cooking"; "so squeamish he would only touch the toilet handle with his elbow"
~ fastidiousgiving careful attention to detail; hard to please; excessively concerned with cleanliness.; "a fastidious and incisive intellect"; "fastidious about personal cleanliness"
adj. 6. courteous, gracious, niceexhibiting courtesy and politeness.; "a nice gesture"
~ politeshowing regard for others in manners, speech, behavior, etc..