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kawsa [kaw.sa.] : cause (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: causa: cause ]

Derivatives of kawsa

n. (event)1. causeevents that provide the generative force that is the origin of something.; "they are trying to determine the cause of the crash"
~ inception, origination, originan event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events.
~ antecedenta preceding occurrence or cause or event.
~ aetiology, etiologythe cause of a disease.
~ factoranything that contributes causally to a result.; "a number of factors determined the outcome"
~ producersomething that produces.; "Maine is a leading producer of potatoes"; "this microorganism is a producer of disease"
~ mutagenesisan event capable of causing a mutation.
n. (communication)2. cause, grounds, reasona justification for something existing or happening.; "he had no cause to complain"; "they had good reason to rejoice"
~ justificationa statement in explanation of some action or belief.
n. (act)3. campaign, cause, crusade, drive, effort, movementa series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end.; "he supported populist campaigns"; "they worked in the cause of world peace"; "the team was ready for a drive toward the pennant"; "the movement to end slavery"; "contributed to the war effort"
~ ventureany venturesome undertaking especially one with an uncertain outcome.
~ ad blitz, ad campaign, advertising campaignan organized program of advertisements.
~ anti-war movementa campaign against entering or continuing a war.
~ charm campaigna campaign of flattery and friendliness (by a company, politician, etc.) to become more popular and gain support.
~ consumerisma movement advocating greater protection of the interests of consumers.
~ campaigning, candidacy, candidature, electioneering, political campaignthe campaign of a candidate to be elected.
~ fund-raising campaign, fund-raising drive, fund-raising efforta campaign to raise money for some cause.
~ feminist movement, women's lib, women's liberation movement, feminismthe movement aimed at equal rights for women.
~ gay lib, gay liberation movementthe movement aimed at liberating homosexuals from legal or social or economic oppression.
~ lost causea defeated cause or a cause for which defeat is inevitable.
~ reforma campaign aimed to correct abuses or malpractices.; "the reforms he proposed were too radical for the politicians"
~ wara concerted campaign to end something that is injurious.; "the war on poverty"; "the war against crime"
~ youth crusade, youth movementpolitical or religious or social reform movement or agitation consisting chiefly of young people.
n. (tops)4. causal agency, causal agent, causeany entity that produces an effect or is responsible for events or results.
~ physical entityan entity that has physical existence.
~ individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soula human being.; "there was too much for one person to do"
~ agentan active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect.; "their research uncovered new disease agents"
~ naturea causal agent creating and controlling things in the universe.; "the laws of nature"; "nature has seen to it that men are stronger than women"
~ occult, supernaturalsupernatural forces and events and beings collectively.; "She doesn't believe in the supernatural"
~ theurgythe effect of supernatural or divine intervention in human affairs.
~ first cause, prime mover, primum mobilean agent that is the cause of all things but does not itself have a cause.; "God is the first cause"
~ destiny, fatethe ultimate agency regarded as predetermining the course of events (often personified as a woman).; "we are helpless in the face of destiny"
~ catalystsomething that causes an important event to happen.; "the invasion acted as a catalyst to unite the country"
~ deus ex machinaany active agent who appears unexpectedly to solve an insoluble difficulty.
~ manipulator, operatoran agent that operates some apparatus or machine.; "the operator of the switchboard"
~ power, forceone possessing or exercising power or influence or authority.; "the mysterious presence of an evil power"; "may the force be with you"; "the forces of evil"
~ life principle, vital principlea hypothetical force to which the functions and qualities peculiar to living things are sometimes ascribed.
~ enginesomething used to achieve a purpose.; "an engine of change"
~ cause of death, killerthe causal agent resulting in death.; "heart disease is the biggest killer in the United States"
~ dangera cause of pain or injury or loss.; "he feared the dangers of traveling by air"
~ agenta substance that exerts some force or effect.
n. (act)5. case, causa, cause, lawsuit, suita comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy.; "the family brought suit against the landlord"
~ civil suita lawsuit alleging violations of civil law by the defendant.
~ class-action suit, class actiona lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group.
~ countersuita suit brought against someone who has sued you.
~ criminal suita lawsuit alleging violations of criminal law by the defendant.
~ moota hypothetical case that law students argue as an exercise.; "he organized the weekly moot"
~ bastardy proceeding, paternity suita lawsuit filed to determine the father of a child born out of wedlock (and to provide for the support of the child once paternity is determined).
~ legal proceeding, proceeding, proceedings(law) the institution of a sequence of steps by which legal judgments are invoked.
~ law, jurisprudencethe collection of rules imposed by authority.; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
v. (creation)6. cause, do, makegive rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally.; "cause a commotion"; "make a stir"; "cause an accident"
~ shape, determine, influence, regulate, moldshape or influence; give direction to.; "experience often determines ability"; "mold public opinion"
~ create, makemake or cause to be or to become.; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
~ initiate, pioneertake the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of.; "This South African surgeon pioneered heart transplants"
~ effect, effectuate, set upproduce.; "The scientists set up a shock wave"
~ makecompel or make somebody or something to act in a certain way.; "People cannot be made to integrate just by passing a law!"; "Heat makes you sweat"
~ occasiongive occasion to.
~ call forth, evoke, kick up, provokeevoke or provoke to appear or occur.; "Her behavior provoked a quarrel between the couple"
~ breed, engender, spawncall forth.
~ incite, motivate, prompt, actuate, propel, movegive an incentive for action.; "This moved me to sacrifice my career"
~ impel, forceurge or force (a person) to an action; constrain or motivate.
~ facilitateincrease the likelihood of (a response).; "The stimulus facilitates a delayed impulse"
v. (communication)7. cause, get, have, induce, make, stimulatecause to do; cause to act in a specified manner.; "The ads induced me to buy a VCR"; "My children finally got me to buy a computer"; "My wife made me buy a new sofa"
~ decidecause to decide.; "This new development finally decided me!"
~ persuadecause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action; twist somebody's arm.; "You can't persuade me to buy this ugly vase!"
~ bringinduce or persuade.; "The confession of one of the accused brought the others to admit to the crime as well"
~ solicitincite, move, or persuade to some act of lawlessness or insubordination.; "He was accused of soliciting his colleagues to destroy the documents"
~ encouragespur on.; "His financial success encouraged him to look for a wife"
~ letactively cause something to happen.; "I let it be known that I was not interested"
~ leadcause to undertake a certain action.; "Her greed led her to forge the checks"
~ instigate, prompt, inspireserve as the inciting cause of.; "She prompted me to call my relatives"
~ suborninduce to commit perjury or give false testimony.; "The President tried to suborn false witnesses"
~ compel, obligate, obligeforce somebody to do something.; "We compel all students to fill out this form"