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kansiyon [kan.si.yun.] : serenade (v.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: cancin: song ]
Synonyms: harana

Derivatives of kansiyon

n. (communication)1. divertimento, serenadea musical composition in several movements; has no fixed form.
~ musical composition, opus, piece of music, composition, piecea musical work that has been created.; "the composition is written in four movements"
n. (communication)2. serenadea song characteristically played outside the house of a woman.
~ song, vocala short musical composition with words.; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"
~ belling, charivari, chivaree, shivaree, callathump, callithumpa noisy mock serenade (made by banging pans and kettles) to a newly married couple.
v. (creation)3. serenadesing and play for somebody.; "She was serenaded by her admirers"
~ perform, do, executecarry out or perform an action.; "John did the painting, the weeding, and he cleaned out the gutters"; "the skater executed a triple pirouette"; "she did a little dance"