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inhenyero [in.hin.yí.ru.] : engineer (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: ingeniero: engineer ]
Synonyms: endyiner; inhenyera

Derivatives of inhenyero

n. (person)1. applied scientist, engineer, technologista person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.
~ individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soula human being.; "there was too much for one person to do"
~ aeronautical engineeran engineer concerned with the design and construction of aircraft.
~ aerospace engineeran engineer of aircraft and space vehicles.
~ army engineer, military engineera member of the military who is trained in engineering and construction work.
~ automotive engineeran engineer concerned with the design and construction of automobiles.
~ civil engineeran engineer trained to design and construct and maintain public works (roads or bridges or harbors etc.).
~ electrical engineera person trained in practical applications of the theory of electricity.
~ marine engineer, naval engineera naval officer responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ship's engines.
~ mechanical engineera person trained to design and construct machines.
~ metallurgical engineer, metallurgistan engineer trained in the extraction and refining and alloying and fabrication of metals.
~ mining engineeran engineer concerned with the construction and operation of mines.
~ coder, computer programmer, programmer, software engineera person who designs and writes and tests computer programs.
~ rocket engineer, rocket scientistan engineer who builds and tests rockets.
~ surveyoran engineer who determines the boundaries and elevations of land or structures.
~ daimler, gottlieb daimlerGerman engineer and automobile manufacturer who produced the first high-speed internal combustion engine (1834-1900).
~ diesel, rudolf christian karl diesel, rudolf dieselGerman engineer (born in France) who invented the diesel engine (1858-1913).
~ bryan donkin, donkinEnglish engineer who developed a method of preserving food by sterilizing it with heat and sealing it inside a steel container--the first tin can (1768-1855).
~ alexandre gustave eiffel, eiffelFrench engineer who constructed the Eiffel Tower (1832-1923).
~ buckminster fuller, r. buckminster fuller, richard buckminster fuller, fullerUnited States architect who invented the geodesic dome (1895-1983).
~ george washington goethals, goethalsUnited States army officer and engineer who supervised the construction of the Panama Canal (1858-1928).
~ hugo junkers, junkersGerman aircraft engineer who designed the first all-metal airplane (1859-1935).
~ charles franklin kettering, charles kettering, ketteringUnited States electrical engineer who made numerous automotive improvements (including the electric starter) (1876-1958).
~ da vinci, leonardo, leonardo da vinciItalian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect; the most versatile genius of the Italian Renaissance (1452-1519).
~ john augustus roebling, john roebling, roeblingUnited States engineer (born in Germany) who designed and began construction of the Brooklyn bridge (1806-1869).
~ claude e. shannon, claude elwood shannon, claude shannon, shannonUnited States electrical engineer who pioneered mathematical communication theory (1916-2001).
~ karl wilhelm siemens, sir charles william siemens, siemensengineer who was a brother of Ernst Werner von Siemens and who moved to England (1823-1883).
~ elmer ambrose sperry, sperryUnited States engineer and inventor of the gyrocompass (1860-1930).
~ richard trevithick, trevithickEnglish engineer who built the first railway locomotive (1771-1833).
~ thomas augustus watson, watsonUnited States telephone engineer who assisted Alexander Graham Bell in his experiments (1854-1934).
~ james watt, wattScottish engineer and inventor whose improvements in the steam engine led to its wide use in industry (1736-1819).
n. (person)2. engine driver, engineer, locomotive engineer, railroad engineerthe operator of a railway locomotive.
~ manipulator, operatoran agent that operates some apparatus or machine.; "the operator of the switchboard"
~ casey jones, john luther jones, jonesUnited States railroad engineer who died trying to stop his train from crashing into another train; a friend wrote a famous ballad describing the incident (1864-1900).
v. (cognition)3. engineerdesign as an engineer.; "He engineered the water supply project"
~ design, planmake a design of; plan out in systematic, often graphic form.; "design a better mousetrap"; "plan the new wing of the museum"
v. (cognition)4. direct, engineer, mastermind, orchestrate, organise, organizeplan and direct (a complex undertaking).; "he masterminded the robbery"
~ planmake plans for something.; "He is planning a trip with his family"
~ choreographplan and oversee the development and details of.; "The meeting between the two Presidents had been carefully choreographed"