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hilera [hi.lí.ra.] : row (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: hilera: row ]
Synonyms: laray; pila

Derivatives of hilera

n. (group)1. rowan arrangement of objects or people side by side in a line.; "a row of chairs"
~ linea formation of people or things one beside another.; "the line of soldiers advanced with their bayonets fixed"; "they were arrayed in line of battle"; "the cast stood in line for the curtain call"
~ serrationa row of notches.; "the pliers had serrations to improve the grip"
~ terracea row of houses built in a similar style and having common dividing walls (or the street on which they face).; "Grosvenor Terrace"
n. (communication)2. dustup, quarrel, row, run-in, words, wranglean angry dispute.; "they had a quarrel"; "they had words"
~ difference of opinion, dispute, difference, conflicta disagreement or argument about something important.; "he had a dispute with his wife"; "there were irreconcilable differences"; "the familiar conflict between Republicans and Democrats"
~ affray, altercation, fracasnoisy quarrel.
~ bicker, bickering, pettifoggery, spat, squabble, tiff, fussa quarrel about petty points.
~ bust-upa serious quarrel (especially one that ends a friendship).
n. (object)3. rowa long continuous strip (usually running horizontally).; "a mackerel sky filled with rows of clouds"; "rows of barbed wire protected the trenches"
~ stripa relatively long narrow piece of something.; "he felt a flat strip of muscle"
n. (artifact)4. course, row(construction) a layer of masonry.; "a course of bricks"
~ damp-proof course, damp coursea course of some impermeable material laid in the foundation walls of building near the ground to prevent dampness from rising into the building.
~ layer, bedsingle thickness of usually some homogeneous substance.; "slices of hard-boiled egg on a bed of spinach"
~ row of bricksa course of bricks place next to each other (usually in a straight line).
~ wallan architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure.; "the south wall had a small window"; "the walls were covered with pictures"
n. (group)5. rowa linear array of numbers, letters, or symbols side by side.
~ arrayan orderly arrangement.; "an array of troops in battle order"
~ table, tabular arraya set of data arranged in rows and columns.; "see table 1"
n. (attribute)6. rowa continuous chronological succession without an interruption.; "they won the championship three years in a row"
~ chronological sequence, chronological succession, succession, successiveness, sequencea following of one thing after another in time.; "the doctor saw a sequence of patients"
n. (act)7. row, rowingthe act of rowing as a sport.
~ feathering, featherturning an oar parallel to the water between pulls.
~ craba stroke of the oar that either misses the water or digs too deeply.; "he caught a crab and lost the race"
~ scullingrowing by a single oarsman in a racing shell.
~ athletics, sportan active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition.
v. (motion)8. rowpropel with oars.; "row the boat across the lake"
~ strokerow at a particular rate.
~ feather, squareturn the oar, while rowing.
~ boatride in a boat on water.
~ pulloperate when rowing a boat.; "pull the oars"
~ scullpropel with sculls.; "scull the boat"