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edukador [i.du.ka.dur.] : educator (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: educador: educator ]
Related words: magtutudlo

Derivatives of edukador

n. (person)1. educator, pedagog, pedagoguesomeone who educates young people.
~ academic, faculty member, academicianan educator who works at a college or university.
~ lecturer, lector, readera public lecturer at certain universities.
~ head teacher, school principal, principal, headthe educator who has executive authority for a school.; "she sent unruly pupils to see the principal"
~ professional, professional persona person engaged in one of the learned professions.
~ schoolmasterany person (or institution) who acts as an educator.
~ instructor, teachera person whose occupation is teaching.
~ bethune, mary mcleod bethuneUnited States educator who worked to improve race relations and educational opportunities for Black Americans (1875-1955).
~ braille, louis brailleFrench educator who lost his sight at the age of three and who invented a system of writing and printing for sightless people (1809-1852).
~ carnegie, dale carnegieUnited States educator famous for writing a book about how to win friends and influence people (1888-1955).
~ comenius, jan amos komensky, john amos comeniusCzech educational reformer (1592-1670).
~ john dewey, deweyUnited States pragmatic philosopher who advocated progressive education (1859-1952).
~ friedrich froebel, friedrich wilhelm august froebel, froebelGerman educator who founded the kindergarten system (1782-1852).
~ gallaudet, thomas hopkins gallaudetUnited States educator who established the first free school in the United States for the hearing impaired (1787-1851).
~ hopkins, mark hopkinsUnited States educator and theologian (1802-1887).
~ hutchins, robert maynard hutchinsUnited States educator who was president of the University of Chicago (1899-1977).
~ laney, lucy craft laneyUnited States educator who founded the first private school for Black students in Augusta, Georgia (1854-1933).
~ abbott lawrence lowell, lowellUnited States educator and president of Harvard University (1856-1943).
~ horace mann, mannUnited States educator who introduced reforms that significantly altered the system of public education (1796-1859).
~ mcguffey, william holmes mcguffeyUnited States educator who compiled the McGuffey Eclectic Readers (1800-1873).
~ maria montesorri, montessoriItalian educator who developed a method of teaching mentally handicapped children and advocated a child-centered approach (1870-1952).
~ daniel patrick moynihan, moynihanUnited States politician and educator (1927-2003).
~ james naismith, naismithUnited States educator (born in Canada) who invented the game of basketball (1861-1939).
~ carl orff, orffGerman musician who developed a widely used system for teaching music to children (1895-1982).
~ elizabeth palmer peabody, elizabeth peabody, peabodyeducator who founded the first kindergarten in the United States (1804-1894).
~ pitman, sir isaac pitmanEnglish educator who invented a system of phonetic shorthand (1813-1897).
~ anne mansfield sullivan, anne sullivan, sullivanUnited States educator who was the teacher and lifelong companion of Helen Keller (1866-1936).
~ booker t. washington, booker taliaferro washington, washingtonUnited States educator who was born a slave but became educated and founded a college at Tuskegee in Alabama (1856-1915).
~ andrew d. white, andrew dickson white, whiteUnited States educator who in 1865 (with Ezra Cornell) founded Cornell University and served as its first president (1832-1918).
~ emma hart willard, willardUnited States educator who was an early campaigner for higher education for women (1787-1870).
~ john witherspoon, witherspoonAmerican Revolutionary leader and educator (born in Scotland) who signed of the Declaration of Independence and was president of the college that became Princeton University (1723-1794).