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balda [bal.da.] : disrupt (v.); hamper (v.); hinder (v.); maim (v.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: baldar: cripple, hinder ]

Derivatives of balda

v. (communication)1. break up, cut off, disrupt, interruptmake a break in.; "We interrupt the program for the following messages"
~ cut off, cutcease, stop.; "cut the noise"; "We had to cut short the conversation"
~ break off, discontinue, stop, breakprevent completion.; "stop the project"; "break off the negotiations"
~ punctuateinterrupt periodically.; "Her sharp questions punctuated the speaker's drone"
~ breakinterrupt the flow of current in.; "break a circuit"
~ put aside, put awayturn away from and put aside, perhaps temporarily.; "it's time for you to put away childish things"
~ intermit, pause, breakcease an action temporarily.; "We pause for station identification"; "let's break for lunch"
~ butt in, chime in, chisel in, barge in, break in, cut in, put inbreak into a conversation.; "her husband always chimes in, even when he is not involved in the conversation"
~ burst in on, burst uponspring suddenly.; "He burst upon our conversation"
~ hecklechallenge aggressively.
~ interject, interpose, throw in, come in, inject, put into insert between other elements.; "She interjected clever remarks"
~ block, jaminterfere with or prevent the reception of signals.; "Jam the Voice of America"; "block the signals emitted by this station"
~ stop over, stopinterrupt a trip.; "we stopped at Aunt Mary's house"; "they stopped for three days in Florence"
~ take time off, take offtake time off from work; stop working temporarily.
v. (change)2. disruptthrow into disorder.; "This event disrupted the orderly process"
v. (change)3. disrupt, interruptinterfere in someone else's activity.; "Please don't interrupt me while I'm on the phone"
~ cut ininterrupt a dancing couple in order to take one of them as one's own partner.; "Jim always cuts in!"
~ cut shortcause to end earlier than intended.; "The spontaneous applause cut the singer short"
~ butt in, chime in, chisel in, barge in, break in, cut in, put inbreak into a conversation.; "her husband always chimes in, even when he is not involved in the conversation"
n. (artifact)1. bond, hamper, shackle, trammela restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner).
~ ball and chainheavy iron ball attached to a prisoner by a chain.
~ fetter, hobblea shackle for the ankles or feet.
~ handcuff, handlock, manacle, cuffshackle that consists of a metal loop that can be locked around the wrist; usually used in pairs.
~ chains, ironsmetal shackles; for hands or legs.
~ constraint, restrainta device that retards something's motion.; "the car did not have proper restraints fitted"
n. (artifact)2. hampera basket usually with a cover.
~ basket, handbasketa container that is usually woven and has handles.
~ clothes basket, clothes hamper, laundry basket, voidera hamper that holds dirty clothes to be washed or wet clothes to be dried.
~ food hampera hamper for packing and transporting food.
v. (change)3. cramp, halter, hamper, strangleprevent the progress or free movement of.; "He was hampered in his efforts by the bad weather"; "the imperialist nation wanted to strangle the free trade between the two small countries"
~ confine, limit, throttle, restrain, trammel, bound, restrictplace limits on (extent or access).; "restrict the use of this parking lot"; "limit the time you can spend with your friends"
v. (competition)4. hamper, handicap, hinderput at a disadvantage.; "The brace I have to wear is hindering my movements"
~ disadvantage, disfavor, disfavourput at a disadvantage; hinder, harm.; "This rule clearly disadvantages me"
v. (social)1. hinder, impedebe a hindrance or obstacle to.; "She is impeding the progress of our project"
~ obturate, occlude, close up, impede, obstruct, jam, blockblock passage through.; "obstruct the path"
~ prevent, keepstop (someone or something) from doing something or being in a certain state.; "We must prevent the cancer from spreading"; "His snoring kept me from falling asleep"; "Keep the child from eating the marbles"
~ inhibitlimit, block, or decrease the action or function of.; "inhibit the action of the enzyme"; "inhibit the rate of a chemical reaction"
~ interferecome between so as to be hindrance or obstacle.; "Your talking interferes with my work!"
~ set backslow down the progress of; hinder.; "His late start set him back"
~ hobblehamper the action or progress of.; "The chairman was hobbled by the all-powerful dean"
~ stuntcheck the growth or development of.; "You will stunt your growth by building all these muscles"
v. (social)2. block, blockade, embarrass, hinder, obstruct, stymie, stymyhinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of.; "His brother blocked him at every turn"
~ stonewallobstruct or hinder any discussion.; "Nixon stonewalled the Watergate investigation"; "When she doesn't like to face a problem, she simply stonewalls"
~ foreclose, forestall, preclude, prevent, forbidkeep from happening or arising; make impossible.; "My sense of tact forbids an honest answer"; "Your role in the projects precludes your involvement in the competitive project"
~ filibusterobstruct deliberately by delaying.
~ checkblock or impede (a player from the opposing team) in ice hockey.
~ hangprevent from reaching a verdict, of a jury.
~ bottleneckslow down or impede by creating an obstruction.; "His laziness has bottlenecked our efforts to reform the system"
adj. 3. back, hind, hinderlocated at or near the back of an animal.; "back (or hind) legs"; "the hinder part of a carcass"
~ posteriorlocated at or near or behind a part or near the end of a structure.
v. (body)1. maiminjure or wound seriously and leave permanent disfiguration or mutilation.; "people were maimed by the explosion"
~ injure, woundcause injuries or bodily harm to.
~ mar, mutilatedestroy or injure severely.; "mutilated bodies"
~ lame, crippledeprive of the use of a limb, especially a leg.; "The accident has crippled her for life"