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Word - rootword - affixes
bakunador - bakuna - -dor~
ba.ku.na.dur. - 4 syllables

-dor = bakunador

bakunador [ba.kú.na.dur.] : vaccinator (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: vacunador: vaccinator ]
bakuna [ba.kú.na.] : vaccination (n.); vaccine (n.)

Derivatives of bakuna

n. (person)1. inoculator, vaccinatora medical practitioner who inoculates people against diseases.
~ medical man, medical practitionersomeone who practices medicine.
n. (artifact)1. vaccine, vaccinumimmunogen consisting of a suspension of weakened or dead pathogenic cells injected in order to stimulate the production of antibodies.
~ dpt vaccineabbreviation for combination vaccine against diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus toxoids; usually given in a series of injections in early childhood.
~ immunizing agent, immunogenany substance or organism that provokes an immune response (produces immunity) when introduced into the body.
~ pneumococcal vaccine, pneumovaxvaccine (trade name Pneumovax) effective against the 23 most common strains of pneumococcus.
~ poliovirus vaccinevaccine prepared from poliovirus to provide immunity to poliomyelitis.
~ proteosome, proteosome vaccinea form of vaccine that can be administered by an inhaler.