translate from bisaya to English please.

I think i posted elsewhere and is not correct spot. Can someone please translate these 2 setences to English for me?
ako nalang lugiton ni para kambyo sa akong mata.
o cge ince pag - naa p ko makita para sa imo.
Thank you

ako nalang lugiton ni  para

ako nalang lugiton ni  para kambyo sa akong mata.
not sure what he/she means/meant by kambyo here and what it has to do with the eyes. To me kambyo means to gear shift/transmission as in an automobile transmission.  But it could be some sort of slang somewhere definitely not from cebu.  I am not sure if it should just be Kambyo or ikambyo but depends on the context.  If you are bisaya and just want this to be translated to english, you'll have to explain what you mean by kambyo. I take it that you are, since your username is Wail.
Anyway my translation would be this:
I will just gouge this to use as/to serve as kambyo  for my eyes.

Doesn't make sense to me to be honest.

o cge ince pag - naa p ko makita para sa imo.

To me this should be O sige inse KUNG naa pako'y makit-an nga para nimo/sa imo. 

pag there is kapag - tagalog for when/if which is kung in bisaya.  (sounds like someone from davao said this)
Ex. : Kapag tumibok ang puso / When the heart beats / Kung mopitik ang kasing-kasing

Okay auntie, when/if I find (more stuff) for you (i'll let you know).

This sentence would make more sense if it was either more specific/complete or if it was a reply from someone who said: Let me know if you find more stuff for me, okay? then the response would be Okay auntie. When/if I find more stuff for you, i'll let you know.

but I think it might also be: Okay, auntie. When I find something for you (I'll let you know).