Bisayan Alphabet

Hello everyone!
Bago akong gikita og kaning site. Nindot kaayo ang Diksonaryo dri. Hunahuna ko nga an diksonaryo dri ang labing dako sa internet.

I am just writing this first post to propose/introduce an alphabet for the Bisayan languages. I always thought that using the Latin alphabet didn't help much to the spelling of many words especially because of the multiple spellings a word might have. For example, "o" and "u" are pretty much the same sound when spoken.

I will post an example right below once I finish with the .jpeg file. Tell me what you think!
Here are some questions to consider and I personally would like to hear some comments on.

1. What do you think if the Bisayans had their own alphabet? Would it strengthen the bisayan identity? Culture?

2. How do you think it would be accepted if the Bisayans had switched from the Latin alphabet to their own?

3. What does standardization of spelling mean to you? Will it help reduce any possible confusion in Bisayan literature?

* By the way, I study languages and writing systems all over the world, which is what inspired me to create an alphabet specific to the Bisayans.


What an interesting info!  I've always thought, we have our own alphabet like the English alphabet.  Having a grade school teacher as a Mom, I was exposed to this type of alphabet...slightly different spelling than English, but very similar in understanding the basics.  Never thought of script writing.