Marriage proposal

I want to propose to my girlfriend while visiting her and would like to propose to her in her own language. How do I say, "Will you marry me?" in Binisaya?

Hope this would help

"will you marry me?"

If you like to really feel Cebuano this will lead you to Cultural background of a Cebuano man asking his girl to marry him. Culturally, its not formal to ask if you ask the girl to marry you, meaning, the girl adjusts to whoever you are or meet somewhere in the middle where both of you are comfortable with. Will you merry me doesn't fit to us culturallly. but if you just like a pure letteral translation then it would be very simple.

1st,  word for word translation, "mahimo ka bang makigminyo naku"? 

2nd, use the word wed instead of "marry" which is "kasal" and say it as "pwede ko ba ikaw nga pakasalan"? 

3rd, a romantic translation would be, "andam akong itagana ang akung kaugalingon para nimu, pwede ka bang mahimung akong asawa"?


There's so many translation to " will you marry me" but this is the translation which i think is enough for to ask her hand.

I have a number of foreigner friends some have problems with their Filipina wife but others are happily living thier married life. I hope yours will be a happy one too. Good luck...