Marriage proposal

I want to propose to my girlfriend while visiting her and would like to propose to her in her own language. How do I say, "Will you marry me?" in Binisaya?

another translation . . . hope it helps

i'm a girl so i can relate to this . . . char! heheheh

well, this is on my own opinion only and if you are serious about it, please prepare a ring and put it on to her finger after saying "yes". Do not show the ring before the proposal.

"Name, Saksi ang Ginoo ug ang tanang butang nga nakakita ug nakadungog nako karon nga tinud-anay ni ang akong paghigugma nimo. Makigminyo ka nako? Gusto nako mahimo tikang legal nga asawa."

Translation: "Name, God is my witness and all those things that have seen and heard me right now that I truly love you. Will you marry me? I want you to be my legal wife."