Marriage proposal

I want to propose to my girlfriend while visiting her and would like to propose to her in her own language. How do I say, "Will you marry me?" in Binisaya?

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Friendly advice

friendly suggestion lang sa kanimo sa ma'may(propose) is to bring your parents as a sign of respect, love and sincerity to the parents of your gf. Express your honest intention regardless if it is in english or visayan conversation. I think they will understand.  If you are not comfortable with your bisaya. Might as well suggest to bring an interpreter or ask the help of the barangay captain to translate for you or hire an attorney. They can do that. It is just a small token fees that can make a difference. Above all, what is important that you are sincere of your words/intentions and everlasting love to marry her in the eyes of God. Marriage is a holy matrimony and it's a sacred bow. More power and God bless!! Congrats in advance.