trying myself some Bisaya

With help of this site and Google translate, trying to understand conversations is the first step to getting to know the language.

What I experienced so far is that for a lot of words there are totaly different meanings, usualy asking friends and even them sometimes doubt, then i'm even more schocked how difficult this is  hehe

This one, for example... gives different results

i try my best bisaya, someone ask me if im in the city, i reply "Cge Cge' to reply affirmative, then they reply "Aw hahah ali balai"   Ali can have different meanings, so I'm a bit confused... but thinkign it's an invite , right?



Yes your friend is inviting

Yes your friend is inviting you to come to her/his house.

ali is shor for Dali wich means come here and balai is house

Aw = ok

hahaha = lough

ali shor for dali = come

balai = house

ok hahaha come to my house