Visayan Sailing Terms

For the Visayan Seamen out there,
Please help me identify the Visayan terms of the following words. This is a requirement for my Translation subject in college. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
1. Barko/Ship- ________________________
2. Bangka/ Boat-________________________
3. Ankla/Anchor-_______________________
4. Timon/Rudder-_______________________
5. Elesi/Propeller- ______________________
6. Pinakaunang parte ng barko/Stern-______________
7. Bandera/Ensign- ___________________
8. Bote/Lifeboat- _____________________
9. Puente/Bridge - ___________________
10. Pontal/Derrick- ____________________
11. Sala de makina/engine Room-______________________
If you know other Visayan terms which are related to Sailing please feel free to post them here. Thank you!


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