dandansoy lyrics in english?

big hello to everbody here
        i have used this site to translate things for about a year now but never realised that i could be become a member and post here until now. i wondered if anyone could help me in finding the english lyrics to dandansoy here please?  i got married in cebu in january this year and i had to leave my gwapa asawa there when i come back to the uk but before we left,our very sweet mama tiya sang dandansoy in english to us and it was so nice! but i can only find the bisaya version online so i hope someone here can help me translate it. many thanks to all!!  i am english guy but i love pinas more than my own country..the people,culture,weather,food..even the 'tubig tubig tubig' sellers haha..it is definitely 'more fun in the philippines' for sure

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dandansoy by litogo