Cebuano tutors in Dumaguete?

Hello to all,
I'm a temporary guest in the Philippines from the u s o f a. My mother grew up in Dumageute, and I am visiting her hometown now in order to conduct research for my graduate studies. All I know how to say in Cebuano are expressions that mothers use often with their children, such as "now is the time to leave" and "you are extremely insane."
In the meantime, I have a strong desire to learn Cebuano, or at least to learn many additional expressions in Cebuano.
I'll be in Dumaguete for three weeks and then will be spending a week in Tagbilaran. A short period, but I learn fast! Does anyone know of tutors in the Dumaguete/Silliman area?
I know how ridiculous this sounds - that my mother is Filipina yet I need to hire a tutor to learn the language. All of my cousins in the States who are full Filipino also do not know the language. My family is in the habit of reverting to English when the kids are around.
Email me if you have ideas - sheeriohs at