Cebuano Diectics

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Cebuano Deictics

 Deixis is reference by means of an expression whose interpretation is relative to the (usually) extralinguistic context of the utterance, such as

  • who is speaking
  • the time or place of speaking
  • the gestures of the speaker, or
  • the current location in the discourse

   Locative   Existential   Imperative Motion
 here (near me)  diri



 ari  ngari
 here (near you and me)  dinhi



 anhi  nganhi
 there (near you)





 anha  nganha
 there (far)  didto



 adto  ngadto

 Note: John U. Wolff (Beginning Cebuano: Part 1) labeled the deitics as present, past & future for the existential, locative & imperative.

 Demonstrative pronouns:

    Nominative  Genitive (possesive)
   Full form  Short form   Full Form    Short form
 this (near me)



 ri  niiri




 this (near you and me)



 ni  niini




 that (near you)  kana  na  niana   ana
 that (far)  kadto  to  niadto   adto