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pasilyo [pa.sil.yu.] : aisle (n.); corridor (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: pasillo: corridor, aisle ]

Derivatives of pasilyo

n. (artifact)1. aislea long narrow passage (as in a cave or woods).
~ passagea way through or along which someone or something may pass.
n. (artifact)2. aisle, gangwaypassageway between seating areas as in an auditorium or passenger vehicle or between areas of shelves of goods as in stores.
~ passagewaya passage between rooms or between buildings.
n. (artifact)3. aislepart of a church divided laterally from the nave proper by rows of pillars or columns.
~ areaa part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function.; "the spacious cooking area provided plenty of room for servants"
n. (artifact)1. corridoran enclosed passageway; rooms usually open onto it.
~ gallerya covered corridor (especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported with arches or columns).
~ hall, hallwayan interior passage or corridor onto which rooms open.; "the elevators were at the end of the hall"
~ passagewaya passage between rooms or between buildings.